Our Businesses

Our businesses are structured in three major categories:

HOMES, INTERIORS, & ENGINEERING, each of which brings our signature designs, plans, and implementations that have already proven by years of experience since we started it.


We are moving past our times for ordinary concepts of houses, buildings, and their functions. We understand that every building demands a specific custom design concept to meet more than one function altogether. Especially in current era of the always-changing business atmosphere. Some homes demand the sophistication of business establishments, some offices demand the comfortable nuance of houses. Even high rise buildings are now designed to be multi-functional, with data centers that both high-end yet complement the overall designs. 

Our HOMES solutions include Design, Build, and Sell.

Our design and build principle are "Where Architecture meets Green Technology", as we seriously design and build our houses with the highest attention to environmental-friendly concepts. Therefore, every single house we build is using Solar Panels, Smart Homes, and optionally water treatment and waste water treatment, garbage compactors, EV charging terminals, etc.

Capturing the opportunities from Home design and build experiences, we spread our wings for much bigger challenges. Our proven design expertise is now answering the need for many more interior designs and builds for any size of offices, apartments, cafes & restaurants, etc, spread across many industries.

Eventually, our experiences in planning and executing Civil Construction works are something we eagerly wanted to offer as a distinct service.

In addition, our experiences in designing, building, managing, monitoring, auditing, and retrofitting Data Centers have become stronger and more than ready to serve new challenges.